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  • How do you define "emerging"?
    We expect our applicants to answer yes to the following questions: I aim to be a professional artist - the practice is not a hobby or a pastime. I have professional achievements locally, regionally, and/or state-wide. I am committed to my practice and have worked seriously over the last 3-5 years to develop and promote my career as a professional artist. I operate on a semi-professional basis but have another job which helps pay the bills. I am 18 years old or older.
  • Do you offer application fee waivers?
    At this time we cannot waive the application fee. Each and every dollar received is put directly back into the program’s costs and we have a long way until we are operating sustainably!
  • Can I get feedback on my application?
    We are fortunate to have the support of a strictly volunteer Selection Committee for each of our application cycles. To respect their time, we will not be offering feedback on received applications.
  • Will you contact my references?
    Provided references may be contacted towards the end of application review cycle. The contact method will depend on the preferred method of the volunteer Selection Committee.
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