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Welcome and Congratulations Spring 2023 Cohort!!!

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 We are excited to invite up to 16 artists in 2023 to participate in our HYBRID Residency Program. This well supported opportunity combines our virtual offering, The Milkweed Learning Hub, AND The Chrysalis Micro-Residency.
Participating artists can also be featured in The Waystation Podcast
upon completion of the residency cycle. 

The MILKWEED LEARNING HUB is a multi-faceted platform supporting our participating artists via a socio-emotional learning/engagement framework.

Lively online discussions, relevant workshops, book clubs, and other resources

 will be available to our participants at no cost.

The CHRYSALIS MICRO-RESIDENCY consists of a 4-day weekend in Southwest Michigan,

providing selected Milkweed participants with a physical space

for restoration and contemplation in a natural setting.


We also hope that this space will nurture fruitful dialogue,

fostering a sense of community and collective care.

This fully sponsored experience includes: 

air travel, ground transportation,  lodging, and food.  

The Micro-Residency is made possible with the help of generous support from The Fetzer Institute

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