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Erik Pye
Operations Director

Erik and Alessandra have been married for 23 years and have raised three humans.

They share a home in Kalamazoo with their daughter,

their Australian Shepherd Luna, and their cats Jojo and Gritto. 

Alessandra Santos Pye is an immigrant from Brazil. Originally from the city of São Paulo, Alessandra’s identity is foundationally multifaceted with Indigenous, West African and European roots. As a psychotherapist and artist, she is deeply aware that creative practice is in direct relationship to socio-emotional wellness, capacity building and identity development. As a thoughtful facilitator and group retreat leader, Alessandra is at home in group processes and values crafting experiences that are both engaging and contemplative in nature. At Chrysalis, Alessandra’s role is as multifaceted as she is, and it involves program development, facilitation, podcast hosting and maintaining/ developing relationships with artist communities.

Erik Pye is a Michigan-born project management enthusiast with a natural aptitude for technology and more than twenty years of combined experience in hospitality and administration. He is a systems thinker and problem solver with undeniable charisma and optimism, who is able to elevate experiences across many platforms and functionalities. Erik's academic training has included creative writing, communications, and educational leadership. At Chrysalis, Erik plays an integral role with technology-based systems, including website and database management, podcast production, learning interfaces, and much more. Erik’s knowledge of the hospitality industry ensures wonderful stays and retreat experiences for our guest artists


Alessandra Santos Pye

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